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            "Tool of equipment procurement and site management system"


      According to the characteristics of management tools of the project and Hainan development, provides tools and equipment application, planning, purchasing, receiving, storage, receiving, return, repair, inspection, measuring instruments and the implementation of school early warning sent a full range of tools and equipment management function.


            "Digital repair system" (data exchange and display platform)


      The system goal is to build a data exchange system between aircraft manufacturers, airlines, commercial MRO plant. In agreement with the manufacturer or airline MRO manufacturers, through the installation of data interactive terminal in aircraft airline terminal users, manufacturers and MRO manufacturers can make timely access to the airlines agreed to remove records released fault operation data through interactive system, to help airlines fault analysis, engineering analysis, so as to enhance the the reliability level of airlines.


      This system is divided into data acquisition, data transmission, data service and client end show end three parts. The system uses Java language development. This system between each subsystem and provide data interface to the XML as a data carrier, and in accordance with the aviation industry data exchange standard ATASpec2000.


            "Equipment maintenance and parts management system"


      The system for large equipment and parts and maintenance to provide after-sale tracking solutions. Perfecting the trading company in terms of customer service and repair process, enhance its market competitiveness.


            "A" repair engineering platform


      This project is the aviation repair and materials management, integrated business management platform planning section plane of the first phase of the project. Project service object is separated from the Hainan Xinhua Airlines Engineering Technology Company, related business management major aircraft repair. Including airworthiness documents technical service department assessment business, technical documents, engineering manufacturers evaluate business documentation (EO\TA\MEMO\MAO\MEL\CDL\ business cards, third cards), maintenance program (MP) of the overall revision and management of the whole process and monitoring work, temporary revision of each kind of special business management (evaluation, introduction of aircraft engine oil monitoring and evaluation, PMA technology review, airworthiness manual revision approval, MSCN/SCN assessment, configuration management), super management and personnel performance manual modification; DD/FC management, production planning department of MPOS, control management, work management, inspection plan management, due to work early warning and data acquisition control maintenance plan; (Department of FLB/TLB/ oil added management / installed Management), replacement management etc..


            "Fleet management system"


      The main function of the project approval management, fleet management, including contract management, payment management, airport management, configuration management, selection / flight crew, fleet information, basic data, user management, report management module etc..


            "Maintenance and material management system"


      This system mainly realizes the functions involved in the repair process of the airline project. Provides a perfect solution for engineering, production planning, production control, aviation, route, production support, training, quality and other departments, improve the production efficiency of the repair project, provide a guarantee for the safe operation of the aircraft.


            "Annex maintenance management system"


      The main function modules: project management, maintenance repair parts industry dynamic card management, tool management, spare parts demand and application management, production plan management, production management etc..


            "Aircraft maintenance scheduling management system"


      The main function modules include: the definition of project inspection (inspection letters, interval and control logic, time-consuming, special inspection, plane definition etc.) daily interest rate management, aircraft maintenance plan management, inspection plan, Gantt schema and show the hangar seat management and hangar use management plan, inspection group package management etc.. The characteristics of the project are: graphical management is convenient, improve the working efficiency of the inspection plan, and the system logic, careful consideration of fully considering the history and planned inspection parking time, historical data, short-term aircraft flight plan, long-term flight plan, greatly improving the accuracy of planning.


            "Aircraft repair management system" (MRO)


      This system is one of the professional manufacturers and accessories repair solutions, the main functions include customer management, customer management cards (working hours, work, spares, tools), production management (production instruction, instruction execution, feedback correcting, create, schedule control, etc.) and tool material supplier management, material and tools a number of aviation material demand management, production management, lack of material and planning, material procurement management, warehouse management, statistics and so on.


            "Sales management platform and procurement of components"


      The purchase and sale of large equipment and parts of the system provides a perfect solution. The contents include several aspects of quotation, purchase, sale, transportation, customs clearance, inventory etc..


            "The introduction of aircraft system"


      This system is based on the auxiliary Airlines fleet management, tracking aircraft from plans to introduce to the introduction of the aircraft disposal of the entire aircraft fleet in the state within the life cycle, to provide scientific information for decision plane state management of aircraft; record selection, structure type, the introduction of the aircraft project contract, each state machine in the process of the need to record text information feedback at all stages of the personnel readiness, produce early warning information to the expiration of the work, the progress of work personnel records each solution, the good work experience preserved for later learning.


            "Group purchase service platform"


      This project uses the oracleEBS implementation and customization development, covering the requirements of the procurement, from all levels of units provided to summary demand, technology and business negotiations, to focus on evaluation, real-time bidding, to identify suppliers to bid, contract signing and approval, shipping and receiving of the whole supply chain management.


            "Material declaration business management platform"


      According to the customer's growing business needs, the group needs meticulous management, to meet the customer's material import and export declaration process requirements of the information system tailored to customers. The characteristics of data port, flow port, port management, electronic document.


            "The virtual sharing system of C919 large aircraft aviation "


      C919 large aircraft aviation virtual sharing system development project by the Shanghai aircraft Customer Service Co. Ltd. (Jia Fang) proposed by Ruijian hi-tech limited liability company (Party B) is responsible for the development of the system, system in the public network operation to provide aviation business service users, the main user oriented material products and services suppliers (including: customer service company MRO, OEM, 3PL, distribution / agents, etc.) and demand side (including: aircraft operators, MRO etc.), this system as the basic material for the entire supply chain services / indirect EDI, material management system based on the completion of the system to the development of the company (supplier customer service system role) to achieve system integration according to the requirements of CIS company customer service portal connection. The core goal of this system is to provide domestic aircraft operation design and development of aviation virtual sharing service system support for customer service, the integration of the supply chain upstream and downstream resources, to provide quality services for the aviation material support customer service company. To realize the function of the system includes the core service module, basic service module, service module, data management module, auxiliary module.




            "Material" shared virtual consulting scheme


      This project is aimed at consulting projects, material suppliers, demanders, management (Shang Fei) a solution of a material shared virtual trading platform provides a complete set between the three. The program has established the system will build five modules: core module (multidimensional source, GTA management, negotiation, signing on, basic module (claim), aviation leasing aviation material procurement, order management, transaction settlement, transaction, transaction, credit rebate back, credit rating, credit period, amount) the data module (data service and management), management module (customer management, supplier management, auxiliary module (material), aviation exhibition, forum material measure, complaint and advice, information broadcasting).


            "Digital repair system" data analysis scheme


      This system from the data acquisition of the airline customer repair and various fault analysis, engineering, repair cost analysis based on the work, focus on running data related to aircraft manufacturers are concerned, so as to provide data basis for the improvement of high reliability, advanced large aircraft.


            "Repair and maintenance plan and material management"


      This system mainly realizes the functions involved in the repair process of the airline project. Provides a perfect solution for engineering, production planning, production control, aviation, route, production support, training, quality and other departments, improve the production efficiency of the repair project, provide a guarantee for the safe operation of the aircraft.


            "Air material storage management scheme based on RFID"


      This study is a preparatory work for the whole life cycle of the air material management, RFID technology in the whole life cycle management of aviation materials laid an important foundation, conducts the research from the application, testing the air material inventory management technology, research of multiple labels, provide basic technical support for later use, and as a form to provide benefits to improve the process, the case for RFID, the full application to lay a good foundation.