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            "Material" shared virtual consulting scheme


      This project is aimed at consulting projects, material suppliers, demanders, management (Shang Fei) a solution of a material shared virtual trading platform provides a complete set between the three. The program has established the system will build five modules: core module (multidimensional source, GTA management, negotiation, signing on, basic module (claim), aviation leasing aviation material procurement, order management, transaction settlement, transaction, transaction, credit rebate back, credit rating, credit period, amount) the data module (data service and management), management module (customer management, supplier management, auxiliary module (material), aviation exhibition, forum material measure, complaint and advice, information broadcasting).


            "Digital repair system" data analysis scheme


      This system from the data acquisition of the airline customer repair and various fault analysis, engineering, repair cost analysis based on the work, focus on running data related to aircraft manufacturers are concerned, so as to provide data basis for the improvement of high reliability, advanced large aircraft.


            "Repair and maintenance plan and material management"


      This system mainly realizes the functions involved in the repair process of the airline project. Provides a perfect solution for engineering, production planning, production control, aviation, route, production support, training, quality and other departments, improve the production efficiency of the repair project, provide a guarantee for the safe operation of the aircraft.


            "Air material storage management scheme based on RFID"


      This study is a preparatory work for the whole life cycle of the air material management, RFID technology in the whole life cycle management of aviation materials laid an important foundation, conducts the research from the application, testing the air material inventory management technology, research of multiple labels, provide basic technical support for later use, and as a form to provide benefits to improve the process, the case for RFID, the full application to lay a good foundation.