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      Company profile

            Hainan Ruijian hi-tech limited liability company (hereinafter referred to as the Swiss built) was established in 2006, the cumulative number of patent applications certificate, is a professional engaged in aviation software development and system integration, software business consulting business of domestic outstanding aviation maintenance, airlines material management, aircraft life cycle management and the daily management of the airline and aviation data analysis software manufacturers, the company has passed the quality management system ISO9001: 2008 certification and CMMI 3 certification.

            Hainan Rui built always to breakthroughs foreign monopoly, in order to catch up with, innovation, and go beyond the responsibility of in the aviation, aerospace, large equipment maintenance support in the field of, do not work yourself to micro and left force, not to his own small and not for, for a dream in the rise of China and contribute their own small force mission built for the Swiss.

            Rui will be built on the spirit of enterprise culture construction as for the sustainable development of enterprise lifeblood, Rui Jian "dedication, innovation, unity and enterprising" as the value orientation, unite as one, and strive to forge ahead, and gradually formed a "well, fine, fine, fine" on construction, Rui Jian with core business services team of accumulated rich experience and professional skills, is rapidly rising in the aeronautical information management in the field of software development, and become a successful domestic maintenance applications in the field of the strength of the company.

      The technical team

            The Swiss headquarters located in Haikou, Hainan, set up R & D center in Tianjin, the Swiss built with the aviation industry aviation companies, MRO enterprises, aviation material suppliers have long-term good relations of cooperation, also hired a number of industry funded day aviation business experts, focusing the scheme and software manufacturers in China's most powerful companies in aviation industry IT solution.

      The advantages of the company

      Professional advantage

            A)?focus on aviation?repair?and?downstream?business?software industry,?have many years of?industry?software development and?implementation experience;

            B) over the years always uphold the continuous optimization of the design concept, understand the system design thought of the same industry, learn from each other, to improve our product quality;

            C) to build Swiss Airlines has formed strategic cooperative partnership, these industry partners for the Swiss built provides the industry's top business advisory team of experts, Rui Jian to continuously improve product quality and solutions consulting capabilities;

            D) Swiss built after years of efforts, has accumulated a rich products and experience, product categories include locomotive, airlines material, MRO operations management, aircraft and equipment management, supply chain, consulting, Bi and other.

      Research and development advantages

            A) Rui Jian focus on the application and innovation of aerospace, the maintenance area, combined with a large number of industry experience and domestic and international advanced technology and the latest standards, cooperation with domestic and foreign experts to establish mathematics model, business model and the data analysis is based on the completion of a plurality of independent innovation of industry solutions.

            B) Rui Jian have their own software application platform, integrated the workflows, reports, custom interface, custom query a number of high-end technology is applied to the system, so that the system development speed, saving a lot of time in research and development, to accelerate the delivery process;

            C) Rui Jian is Oracle/IBM partners, through co-operation with the international manufacturers, has accumulated rich experience in the implementation of the.

            D) to build Swiss application platform integrated the report engine can produce a variety of complex statements, can realize the complex extraction of customer data and display, data statistics and analysis to help customers;

      E) Swiss built R & D process management standards, has passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, during the year will be completed CMMI3 assessment and certification.


      Service advantage

            A) Rui Jian to set up an office in Hainan, Tianjin, Beijing, Shanghai, Changsha, Chengdu, Hong Kong (under construction), can quickly respond to customer

            B) Swiss built for customers to provide online feedback system and support private mailboxes, solve the customer's problem is each of us on the tasks and responsibilities, solved the problems of speed and quality of service is Rui Jian an important index of evaluation of staff.

            C) Swiss built more attention and customers face-to-face and telephone communication, we believe that only such services can be able to understand the customer's thinking, in order to give more in line with customer demand solutions.

            D) Swiss built to provide absolute is not only a product, but a set of system solutions; we will recommend to our customers for the business in this industry for many years to accumulate solutions, and actively listen to the views of customers and scheme, this is our system can continuously improve the high reason and motivation.



      Domestic aircraft?provide?contribution to the development of?small?power




            Swiss built respectively for domestic medium-sized aircraft ARJ21, large aircraft C919 provides digital maintenance support system, aviation material support system, write C919 air material a security program, participate in writing write C919 maintenance engineering manual a chapter.

      For the domestic?large-scale experimental?equipment?with?small?power



      (picture?for online?interception,?only for?the?reading)

            -?Ruijian?provide?repair?security?solution for the country?a large?experimental?equipment of a?component.

      A high starting point?for export?of software intellectual property?and services

            - Rui Jian has been implemented to international standard prices and international peer competition, and complete the intellectual property rights of software exports to advanced international airlines countries and regions.

            - Rui Jian has reached a strategic cooperation intention with the company, and strive to in within the next 1-2 years in the US and Europe to become peer Jianrui software agents, software intellectual property export and service export.


            - Rui Jian MRO air material information exchange platform for the 2014 World Best Airline "Cathay Pacific Airways to provide maintenance and air material information interactive services.